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Infographic – Subject Of Study More Important Than Location

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows that the 20-year average annual financial return on a degree relies more on the subject of the degree rather than the university which granted the degree. Source:

Infographic – International Gender Education Performance Gap

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows the percentage of low achievers by gender and country. Source:

Infographic – Unauthorized Immigrants as Share of State Population in 2012

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows the unauthorized immigrant population percentage of each state. Source:

Android – AdMob Smart Banner Mediation Workaround

Background Using the AdMob mediation network has been very convenient. There is a newer mobile ad banner type called “Smart Banners“, which AdMob created, that allows the SDK to automatically display the best banner size based on the device’s screen

CrashPlan – Ubuntu 14.04 GUI Crash after Installation

Background CrashPlan has been an affordable and secure solution for backing up local content into their centralized cloud server. The GUI is based on Java, allowing it to run on multiple platforms, including Linux and specifically Ubuntu. Issue On Ubuntu

PHP Pagination – Two small tweaks

Background PHP and MySQL are very powerful. I had a web site with roughly 100,000 rows coming from the joining of three tables that would take at least a few seconds to be output to the web browser and displayed

Ubuntu – Securing SSH or OpenSSH

Background Concern that having SSH/OpenSSH running with the default configuration (/etc/ssh/sshd_config) exposes an attack vector increasing the risk of Ubuntu being compromised. Issue The more externally available services running on a system, the greater the risk of attracting unwanted visitors.

Crashplan – Route over wlan on Linux

Background: Have a faster internet connection over wlan0 than eth0. Prefer to route Crashplan backup traffic over wlan0 rather than the default eth0. Challenge: The Java GUI for Linux, doesn’t provide controls for selecting the network interface, although the Mac

Cryptocurrency – Beginners Guide

Background: In the Spring 2014 semester, I researched cryptocurrencies and created a beginners guide, under the direction of Professor Simon Johnson. Outcome: Attached (PDF): Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies

Infographic – Concerns of threats around the world

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows countries color coded by the type of threat people worry about most. Source:

Infographic – External sovereign defaults since 1800

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows a list of countries with the number of defaults mapped over a timeline indicating when the default occurred. Source:

Infographic – GDP of the US split in half and mapped to regions

Random assortment of Infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows the GDP of the United Stats split in half, with each half mapped to a geographic region. Source:

Infographic – Child Mortality Rates from 1751-2011

Random Assortment of Infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows the number of children dying before the age of five, per 1,000 live births over the last ~260 years (1751-2011) in Sweden, UK, Germany, India, and Ghana.   Source:

Infographic – Average number of hours per week spent on

Random Assortment of Infographics: The below infographic, as titled, shows the average number of hours per week spent on various activities by Mothers and Fathers over the last ~45 years. The three main categories of activities are: child care, housework,

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Ultrabook – Audio over HDMI

Background: Purchased a great Sony Vaio Pro 13 ultrabook with excellent hardware running Windows 8 and now updated to 8.1. The IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4400 hardware controls the HDMI output and the audio over the HDMI output. Issue: Using the

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Ubuntu – VirtualBox Repository Configuration

Background VirtualBox is a great product and has routine updates. Setting up the repositories for automatic updates and installs seemed to be more challenging than most other software packages. Issue Originally, after following the simple directions on VirtualBox’s web site,

Chrome – Recently Visited Tabs Disappeared

Background: Google Chrome is very good at maintaining a history of open tabs, which allows for a great multitasking web browsing experience. Issue: Since Chrome frequently and correctly restores tabs, many users might not realize a strong dependence on this

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WordPress – Allowed Memory Size Exhausted

Background: WordPress is a great blogging platform that has many powerful features. The hosting environment WordPress operates under can provide constraints and limitations. Issue: After upgrading a plugin for WordPress, I immediately encountered the error, “Fatal error: Allowed memory size

Dr Martens Great Customer Service

Background: I’ve purchased and worn Dr. Martens shoes over the years as they’ve proven to be very durable. Although the prices are sometimes higher than other shoes, I’ve found that the shoes last for a long time. In addition, I

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Android – Detect Root Access from inside an app

Background Google Wallet used three methods to determine whether an Android device had root access configured. Google Wallet used to mark a device as “Unsupported” if root access was detected on the Android device. The code used to implement the

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