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Android – Checking for Nexus 5 Availability

Saw a great GitHub Gist shared on twitter by @pof for using crontab and curl to check for the Google Play page of the Nexus 5. I added a few tips on getting everything setup for those who might not

DataTables – Default sorting by the table column header class name

DataTables is a jQuery Javascript library plug-in to convert static html tables (including dynamically generated) into dynamically viewable and sortable tables. The advantage to using this plug-in is that the end user is given control over viewing and sorting the

Top 15 U.S. Business School Rankings, Tuition Costs and Salaries Charts

The below charts are for the top 15 U.S. business school MBA programs based on an average of rankings from four sources: US News 2012, BusinessWeek 2012, Financial Times Global 2013, and the Economist 2012 For a more consolidated version,

Top U.S. Business School Rankings, Tuition Costs and Salaries Charts

The below charts are for the top 6 U.S. business school MBA programs based on an average of rankings from four sources: US News 2012, BusinessWeek 2012, Financial Times Global 2013, and the Economist 2012 Top 15 U.S. business school

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Android – Google Play issue: “your device isn’t compatible with this version”

At some point in the last few months changes were made to either or both the ADT plugin for Eclipse and Google Play that rendered my most recent Android application updates “incompatible” with tablets. After doing a bit of research,

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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD AES 256-bit Encryption Technical Details

After previously posting a summary of my research around the best options for a well priced high performance and secure 256GB SSD drive, I attempted to gather as much detail as possible around the encryption provided on the OCZ Vector

The Best 256GB SSD Drive on the market

This is a high-level summary of the research I’ve done with the time I was able to dedicate. There is potential for much more in-depth research requiring a larger time commitment. Feel free to leave helpful comments! There are three

Ubuntu – How to clean up kernel images and header files

After every kernel upgrade on Ubuntu, the prior kernel image and header files remain. Personally, the most common usage for these prior kernel files is to revert to a prior kernel version when I’ve experienced issues with the current one.

WordPress – Locating the Google Authenticator Login Token

I accidentally wiped the data on my Android device losing all my Google 2-factor authentication tokens. Using the Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress by Henrik Schack meant I was now unable to login to my blog. In order to login

Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 Developer Edition – Ubuntu 12.04 – Project Sputnik

Background On Friday, November 29th, Dell made the Ultrabook XPS 13 Developer Edition available for order initially at $1549 and then later correct the price to $1449, bringing the price below the comparable Windows 8 version. At first impression, this

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Nike+ Review – Running Application for Android

Background Having spent a substantial amount of time (~6 years+) running outdoors, there were always three main metrics that I wanted to know during and after a work out. 1) Overall time 2) Overall distance 3) Pace (Example, 1 mile

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WordPress – Add and Properly Display Code

Background While attempting to paste java code from an Android application into a WordPress blog, I discovered WordPress ignores all the white spaces and allows the text to run over the margins. Adding the <pre></pre> html tags respects the white

Android – Added Follow Developer on Twitter Button

Background There is a great piece of java code posted by koush on Github’s gist showing how to interface with the official Android Twitter application. The key was not only knowing the package name, but knowing the right extra information

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Ubuntu – Rebuilding Software Raid 1 with dmraid

Background Recently, I had two Seagate 1TB hard drives fail. One was 4 years old and the other was the 3 month old warranty replacement. Luckily, I had two of these hard drives setup in a RAID 1 configuration. Since

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Web Design – Twitter Bootstrap Navbar Color Customization

Twitter Bootstrap Navbar Custom Coloring Background The Twitter opensource bootstrap tool set is amazing. Tools to customize and examples on usage are all posted on github along with all the source code. For the specific task at hand, I wanted

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Android – Bugsense Library for Handling Errors

Background Shortly after posting Android applications in the Android Market, Play Store, I noticed that due to the diversity (fragmentation?) of hardware and software combinations there were many errors users were experiencing that I wasn’t able to duplicate. In addition,

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IRC – Freenode Server List for Eggdrop

Took me a few minutes to gather the IRC server list for freenode, add the standard port and resolve the hostname to IP. I have provided all this information below in the proper format for eggdrop bots. This information can

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Android – ListView, Scrolling Background Color and Java Extra Garbage Collection

Recently worked on implementing listview inside of a viewpager. This was a bit of a challenge but one little bug which turned into another bug. The first bug was the background always turned black while scrolling which with black text

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Ubuntu – Move /home partition from SSD to RAID

Having an SSD (solid state disk) store the boot operating system has many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages being the average SSD life span is a bit more sensitive to read/writes when compared to traditional

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Ubuntu – Move Google Chrome cache from SSD to RAM

Running an SSD for the main boot partition is quite convenient for any OS, including Ubuntu. However having Google Chrome, or any browser, store its cache on the SSD is not the ideal scenario. Under Ubuntu Natty 11.04 moving Google

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