Month: July 2011

Toyota Camry – Suspension – KYB GR-2 Struts, Mounts, and Boots

The suspension on my Camry, after 10 years of being lowered, is presenting some issues with tire rubbing. Lowered with Intrax Springs, which have probably sagged, it has been more difficult than working with the stock setup. Local shop recommended

Android – Making an application start at boot

How to make an Android application load at start up. Did a bit of research but never ended up having the need to implement. List of my research links below and their code examples:

FreeBSD and Eggdrop – tclhash.c – SEGMENT VIOLATION – CRASHING

Ran into this issue, where the eggdrop binary would generally seg fault on a system where it had previously worked. The FreeBSD box had loaded a newer version of TCL, 8.6. Simple way to check with version of TCL is

Android – Working in a Shell through an Application

Original goal: Find the Google Android Java standard for accessing a shell through an application. Result: Google’s version of Java for Android doesn’t have a standard official supported method for accessing the shell from the application. Here are a few