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I’ve purchased and worn Dr. Martens shoes over the years as they’ve proven to be very durable. Although the prices are sometimes higher than other shoes, I’ve found that the shoes last for a long time. In addition, I found the soles provide excellent traction on slick and wet surfaces, as well as good traction on icy surfaces!


During the winter of 2014 I had worn a pair of Dr. Martens that were a few years old, but in great shape. The shoes, by far, had the best traction in snow and ice. One morning, when I was putting on the shoes, I noticed the outside rubber of the soles from the toe to the middle of the foot was cracked, on both sides of the shoe and on both shoes. The crack was serious enough that a yellow material inside the sole was exposed and seemed impossible to easily mend. I was very surprised as I’ve never encountered this type of issue before and I’ve had various Dr. Martens shoes for many years and used them in many different climates.


I reached out to Dr. Martens customer relations department via email, [email protected]. I attached a few pictures of the issues with the shoes, as I found it hard to describe and hard to believe. They offered to inspect the shoes for manufacturer defects if I was willing to pay the shipping fees to send the shoes to Portland, OR. After paying roughly $25 for the proper sized box and shipping, I waited three weeks. I didn’t hear back from Dr. Martens until I found a box at my door. Inside was a pair of brand new shoes in the most similar style to my previous pair!


Although the communication from Dr. Martens was minimal, I was very impressed to receive a brand new pair of Dr. Martens without any charge!

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  1. Thanks for the info concerning your Dr. Martin Boots! I have a similar problem with a pair of mine and hope they will stand behind them. Just sent them an email with pictures and am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks again!

  2. I’ve just had to contact them myself and was directed to the warranty department where I was given the dmreply address. I sent the pics as advised and hope to hear something quickly because I love these boots.

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