Crashplan – Route over wlan on Linux


Have a faster internet connection over wlan0 than eth0. Prefer to route Crashplan backup traffic over wlan0 rather than the default eth0.


The Java GUI for Linux, doesn’t provide controls for selecting the network interface, although the Mac and Windows clients do.
Using the route command worked well for http traffic, but didn’t seem sufficient for directing Crashplan’s application traffic.


Editing the Crashplan configuration xml files and specifically excluding the eth0 interface. A helpful utility to confirm traffic is flowing over the correct network interface is: iptraf. The exact lines to add into the configuration file, crashplan/conf/my.service.xml are below:

          <pattern regex="eth0"></pattern>

Also, adding route commands seemed to help facilitate:

j@j:/etc/rc2.d$ sudo route add -net netmask gw <local gateway ip>
j@j:/etc/rc2.d$ sudo route add -net netmask gw <local gateway ip>

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