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Android – Detect Root Access from inside an app

Background Google Wallet used three methods to determine whether an Android device had root access configured. Google Wallet used to mark a device as “Unsupported” if root access was detected on the Android device. The code used to implement the

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Android – Google Play issue: “your device isn’t compatible with this version”

At some point in the last few months changes were made to either or both the ADT plugin for Eclipse and Google Play that rendered my most recent Android application updates “incompatible” with tablets. After doing a bit of research,

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Nike+ Review – Running Application for Android

Background Having spent a substantial amount of time (~6 years+) running outdoors, there were always three main metrics that I wanted to know during and after a work out. 1) Overall time 2) Overall distance 3) Pace (Example, 1 mile

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Android – Added Follow Developer on Twitter Button

Background There is a great piece of java code posted by koush on Github’s gist showing how to interface with the official Android Twitter application. The key was not only knowing the package name, but knowing the right extra information

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Android – Bugsense Library for Handling Errors

Background Shortly after posting Android applications in the Android Market, Play Store, I noticed that due to the diversity (fragmentation?) of hardware and software combinations there were many errors users were experiencing that I wasn’t able to duplicate. In addition,

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Android – ListView, Scrolling Background Color and Java Extra Garbage Collection

Recently worked on implementing listview inside of a viewpager. This was a bit of a challenge but one little bug which turned into another bug. The first bug was the background always turned black while scrolling which with black text

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Android – Custom Recovery Code Research

In helping develop and code an Android Custom Recovery based off the official gingerbread AOSP version, I did a lot of research. I gathered links to the code of all other custom recoveries I was familiar with. Below is a

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Android – Pull Build, Version, Model, etc…

There are quite a few different functions which will return data from an Android phone. The generic list of function calls are located here: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/Build.html I wanted to know what all of these different calls would return on my HTC

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