Month: September 2009

Cash for Clunkers Unseen Side Effects

The program forced the destruction of 700,000 perfectly functional cars and light trucks.  If each car was roughly worth $3,000 with 700,000 vehicles totals $2.1 billion in wealth was destroyed. It is as if a hurricane came through and completely destroyed

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Health Insurance Not a Free Market – The Source of Employer Based Health Insurance

Health Insurance Not a Free Market – The Source of Employer Based Health Insurance Due to the Federal Reserve and other government policies, inflation soared both before and during World War II (WWII). As a remedy to soaring prices resulting

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DEI Viper 210V GPS Satellite Tracking System Discontinued

Updated – March 25th 2010 – At the bottom After logging into the web site to access the Viper GPS system, I wanted to see how much purchasing more credits would cost. The link advised me the service is

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US Debt issuance for 2009 currently $1.51 trillion

At the beginning of 2007, January 2nd we had $8.678 trillion in outstanding public debt. One year after Lehman went bankrupt, Sept 15th 2009, we have $11.8 trillion in outstanding public debt showing over a $2 trillion increase. The U.S.,

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US Bailout Pledge up from $7.4 to $11.6 trillion

U.S. bailout has pledged $11.6 trillion as of September 25th 2009 compared to $7.4 trillion as of November 24th 2008. Although down from $12.8 trillion on March 31st 2009. The Federal Reserve sharing a $5.8 trillion portion as of September 25th

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High Level Functions of the Federal Reserve Briefly Outlined

As outlined by the Federal Reserve on their Web Site Overall Functions of the Federal Reserve: Monetary Policy             Goals and Guides             Implementation Foreign Currency Operations Supervision, Regulation and Consumer Protection U.S. Government Payments FRB – The Federal Reserve

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Right to Health Care

To define rights and put them in the context of our history and government, the second section of the Declaration of Independence reads, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed

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Housing Pricing and Tax Credit for Home Buyers

Most will agree housing prices were inflated by an artificial bubble.  There were multiple causes for this, one of them being interest rates were very low making mortgages easier than normal to obtain.  Housing prices must be allowed to readjust

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WordPress – Change Default Category Displayed

When WordPress has multiple categories example, Finance and Technology, the site by default will open and display both categories. If only Finance is to be displayed by default, a line of code has to be added to the index.php file. 

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WordPress – Add Last Modified Date to all Blog Posts

Many times after a post is published, comments are received, or new events occur and the original post needs to be updated. WordPress should have a setting allowing it to show the last modified date and/or time for each post.

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Central Banks becoming Net Buyers of Gold

As central banks around the globe attempt to implement monetary policy and manage their respective fiat currencies, speculation is being made that they will become net buyers of gold rather than net sellers.  Since the significant breakdown of the Bretton

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Cell Phone Radiation Levels per Phone

Environmental Working Group releases the first hard data on the radiation emitted by over 1,200 of the most common cell phones. Scientists and researches have been divided on how much radiation the body can tolerate being emitted from a cell

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Bank of America Loan Backstop

On January 16th 2009, Bank of America (BofA) disclosed with its first ever quarterly loss of $1.79 billion, a US government loan backstop for $118 billion on assets mostly from its government encouraged Merrill Lynch acquisition1. The loan backstop is

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TALF Program Update – $6.54 Billion in Loans

Investors applied for a total of $6.5 billion in loans from the Federal Reserve through their Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) emergency lending program. The TALF program provides low interest loans to investors for purchasing securities backed by auto,

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