Month: August 2011

Android – Custom Recovery Code Research

In helping develop and code an Android Custom Recovery based off the official gingerbread AOSP version, I did a lot of research. I gathered links to the code of all other custom recoveries I was familiar with. Below is a

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Android – Displaying a Progress Bar in AsyncTask

In researching the best way to approach displaying a progress bar while an android app is completing a task I came across a few helpful guides! I wanted to use the progress bar during an AsyncTask method call. The only

Ubuntu – How to extend display with two monitors

Spent a lot of time researching how to do extend my desktop onto a second monitor in Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity. Extending the display and desktop is a simple task on Windows but under Ubuntu it was very difficult until

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Android – Displaying Kernel Version information in an Application

A friend, Numus, suggested I display kernel version information in my application, FlashImageGUI, a while back. Today, I had time to research and implement this feature. Turns out, AOSP includes a great method for doing this! In most android devices,

ECCO Shoelace replacement

At first glance, you might think replacing shoe laces is a simple task, as I thought so, but it has turned out to be quite the project. I purchased a pair of ECCO dress shoes 4 years ago this summer