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US Debt issuance for 2009 currently $1.51 trillion

At the beginning of 2007, January 2nd we had $8.678 trillion in outstanding public debt. One year after Lehman went bankrupt, Sept 15th 2009, we have $11.8 trillion in outstanding public debt showing over a $2 trillion increase. The U.S.,

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Bank of America Loan Backstop

On January 16th 2009, Bank of America (BofA) disclosed with its first ever quarterly loss of $1.79 billion, a US government loan backstop for $118 billion on assets mostly from its government encouraged Merrill Lynch acquisition1. The loan backstop is

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Fed has purchased $252 billion of Treasuries

On Tuesday, August 11th, the Federal Reserve purchased an additional $2.7 billion of US Department of Treasury bonds maturing from August 2026 through May 2039, essentially 17-30 year bond maturity dates. In March, the Federal Reserve stated it would purchase up

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Fed Follows Through with Quantitative Easing Program

The two day Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting ended today.  Fed official press release linked below. The majority of monetary policy programs stayed the same.  Fed Funds rate will continue to be held at a record low of 0 – 1/4%

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Government Debt Monetization Explained

When the government wants to spend money it does not have, there are basically three options, raise taxes, print money or borrow money.  The Monetization of Debt involves the issuance of debt or simply known as borrowing money done by the

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