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Infographic – External sovereign defaults since 1800

Random assortment of infographics: The infographic, as described below, shows a list of countries with the number of defaults mapped over a timeline indicating when the default occurred. Source:

Government Fiscal Year 2009 Deficit – 1.4 billion

Fiscal Year 2009 (Oct 1st 2008-Oct 1st 2009) Deficit – 1.4 billion Fiscal Year 2008 Deficit – $450 billion Don’t blame Bush (Republican) or Obama (Democrat) for the large government budget deficit of 2009.  Rather, blame them both.  Bush was

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Future Policies and Ideas to Research

A Brief list of future topics to research and cover.  Going forward this list will be updated. War – Iraq War – Afghanistan Foreign Policy – Iran Foreign Policy – General Guidelines Health Care – Costs Corporatism – General Concept

Cash for Clunkers Unseen Side Effects

The program forced the destruction of 700,000 perfectly functional cars and light trucks.  If each car was roughly worth $3,000 with 700,000 vehicles totals $2.1 billion in wealth was destroyed. It is as if a hurricane came through and completely destroyed

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US Debt issuance for 2009 currently $1.51 trillion

At the beginning of 2007, January 2nd we had $8.678 trillion in outstanding public debt. One year after Lehman went bankrupt, Sept 15th 2009, we have $11.8 trillion in outstanding public debt showing over a $2 trillion increase. The U.S.,

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Housing Pricing and Tax Credit for Home Buyers

Most will agree housing prices were inflated by an artificial bubble.  There were multiple causes for this, one of them being interest rates were very low making mortgages easier than normal to obtain.  Housing prices must be allowed to readjust

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