Android – Custom Recovery Code Research

In helping develop and code an Android Custom Recovery based off the official gingerbread AOSP version, I did a lot of research. I gathered links to the code of all other custom recoveries I was familiar with. Below is a collection of all the github accounts which had custom recovery code relevant to the project I was helping with. Also I’ve listed a few C/C++ web sites which were helpful in learning the basics of coding in C/C++. Listed in no specific order.

Project code:
Team Win Recovery Project

Research code:
Koush Clockworkmod (cwm) Recovery
Cyanogenmod Recovery (Clockworkmod)
Amon RA Recovery
joeykrim samsung moment recovery
inxane samsung recovery
LeshaK recovery
packetlss recovery
jhansche recovery

C and C++ Basic programming resources:
strcpy details
C Basics from
typedef details and examples
Code testing site with my example pointer testing code
Struct details
Strings in C

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