Android – Pull Build, Version, Model, etc…

There are quite a few different functions which will return data from an Android phone. The generic list of function calls are located here:

I wanted to know what all of these different calls would return on my HTC EVO. Instead of having to write a program for these values, every time I needed to know, I figured I should write one program and log the output for reference.

In the hope somebody else might find the output helpful, I’m posting it here. If nothing else it will server as a great personal reference point.

I didn’t run all the functions available, but I picked the most important ones which seemed relevant.

These are all imported from: android.os.Build
Values for a Sprint HTC EVO running Cyanogenmod 7:
Build.PRODUCT: htc_supersonic
Build.TYPE: eng
Build.BOARD: supersonic
Build.BOOTLOADER: 0.97.00
Build.BRAND: sprint
Build.DEVICE: supersonic

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