Hard Reset Sprint HTC Touch Pro

Searching online using Google for directions to preform a hard reset on a Sprint HTC Touch Pro will result in many different versions. Below are the directions I’ve found which worked on my Sprint HTC Touch Pro.

Directions for a Hard Reset on a Sprint HTC Touch Pro:

  1. Turn the device off (Some directions indicate leaving the device on, for Sprint this is not true)
  2. Hold the volume down and enter key (enter key is center of the d-pad)
  3. Press and hold the Power On key while still holding the volume down and enter key.
  4. Within a few seconds there will be a prompt, confirming the complete deletion of all data.  Release the volume down, enter and power keys.  At this prompt, press the volume up key and all data will be deleted.
  5. Hard Reset has now been completed.  The phone will restart, prompt for screen alignment, provide a tutorial, HTC and Sprint will install their extra software, phone will restart and everything should be good to go!

Any questions, Sprint Technical support should be able to assist 1-888-211-4727.

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