Fed has purchased $252 billion of Treasuries

On Tuesday, August 11th, the Federal Reserve purchased an additional $2.7 billion of US Department of Treasury bonds maturing from August 2026 through May 2039, essentially 17-30 year bond maturity dates. In March, the Federal Reserve stated it would purchase up to $300 billion in US Treasuries through September.

Yesterday, Aug 12th, it announced it will extend the Treasury purchase program until October and keep the current limit of $300 billion.  By extending the deadline for the Treasury purchase program, the Federal Reserve keeps the possibility open it might want to expand the program, if it determines necessary.  As of Tuesday, Aug 11th, it has aquired a total of $252.7 billion out of its $300 billion goal in US Treasury debt according to its balance sheet.

Bloomberg article on $2.7 billion purchase
Bloomberg Fed Treasury Purchase Ticker
Federal Reserve August 11th Purchase Announcement

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