Toyota Camry – Suspension – KYB GR-2 Struts, Mounts, and Boots

The suspension on my Camry, after 10 years of being lowered, is presenting some issues with tire rubbing. Lowered with Intrax Springs, which have probably sagged, it has been more difficult than working with the stock setup.

Local shop recommended Had never used them before but they have been great. Using KYB’s online catalog, I was able to find the exact part numbers. Was able to give Tire Rack the exact KYB part number and they special ordered the two front KYB GR-2 Struts. The order will be shipped directly to the shop. Also was able to have Tire Rack order the KYB Boots and Strut Mounts. Apparently my current boots/bump stops are completely gone. While the shop will be charging 2 hours of labor, might as well replace the struts and mounts at the same time. KYB also offers a great limited lifetime warranty.

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