• Web interface and history of all text messages, phone calls and voicemails.
  • Transcribes voicemail messages to text message and posts to web interface
  • Transcribed voicemail messages and text messages are searchable for the user
  • Missed call log when cell phone is out of service
  • One phone number can ring multiple phones, work and cell
  • Able to choose a new number when creating the account
  • Pulls in contact list from gmail account
  • Able to send text messages directly from web interface
  • Able to send and receive text messages from any email address – Sept 09 2009
  • Web interface is accessible over mobile phone web browser
  • Can port the google voice number to a cell phone provider
  • Record phone conversation
  • Currently Free, no charges for all 50 US states  and Canada calling and text messaging
  • Mass texting feature has been added, maximum 5 people at once.


  • No official mobile application for Windows Mobile or iPhone
  • No MMS or picturemail support
  • No incoming email to text message support
  • No short code support
  • No scheduling for a text message to be sent at a later time
  • No statistics/metrics on phone calls/text messages
  • No 212 or 917 numbers available, limited combinations of 646 numbers
  • Have new sets of 917 and 646 numbers available- Aug 13th 2009
  • Can’t port a number to the google voice account
  • Slight delay in voice conversation, around a full second lag – Oct 09 not as often
  • Lose free minutes when dialing people on the same cell phone carrier
  • Does not support “Calltones” or “Ringback” music
  • Privacy concerns routing through Google

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