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WordPress – Add and Properly Display Code

Background While attempting to paste java code from an Android application into a WordPress blog, I discovered WordPress ignores all the white spaces and allows the text to run over the margins. Adding the <pre></pre> html tags respects the white

Android – Added Follow Developer on Twitter Button

Background There is a great piece of java code posted by koush on Github’s gist showing how to interface with the official Android Twitter application. The key was not only knowing the package name, but knowing the right extra information

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Ubuntu – Rebuilding Software Raid 1 with dmraid

Background Recently, I had two Seagate 1TB hard drives fail. One was 4 years old and the other was the 3 month old warranty replacement. Luckily, I had two of these hard drives setup in a RAID 1 configuration. Since

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Web Design – Twitter Bootstrap Navbar Color Customization

Twitter Bootstrap Navbar Custom Coloring Background The Twitter opensource bootstrap tool set is amazing. Tools to customize and examples on usage are all posted on github along with all the source code. For the specific task at hand, I wanted

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Android – Bugsense Library for Handling Errors

Background Shortly after posting Android applications in the Android Market, Play Store, I noticed that due to the diversity (fragmentation?) of hardware and software combinations there were many errors users were experiencing that I wasn’t able to duplicate. In addition,

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IRC – Freenode Server List for Eggdrop

Took me a few minutes to gather the IRC server list for freenode, add the standard port and resolve the hostname to IP. I have provided all this information below in the proper format for eggdrop bots. This information can

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Android – ListView, Scrolling Background Color and Java Extra Garbage Collection

Recently worked on implementing listview inside of a viewpager. This was a bit of a challenge but one little bug which turned into another bug. The first bug was the background always turned black while scrolling which with black text

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Ubuntu – Move /home partition from SSD to RAID

Having an SSD (solid state disk) store the boot operating system has many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages being the average SSD life span is a bit more sensitive to read/writes when compared to traditional

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Ubuntu – Move Google Chrome cache from SSD to RAM

Running an SSD for the main boot partition is quite convenient for any OS, including Ubuntu. However having Google Chrome, or any browser, store its cache on the SSD is not the ideal scenario. Under Ubuntu Natty 11.04 moving Google

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Android – Custom Recovery Code Research

In helping develop and code an Android Custom Recovery based off the official gingerbread AOSP version, I did a lot of research. I gathered links to the code of all other custom recoveries I was familiar with. Below is a

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Android – Displaying a Progress Bar in AsyncTask

In researching the best way to approach displaying a progress bar while an android app is completing a task I came across a few helpful guides! I wanted to use the progress bar during an AsyncTask method call. The only

Ubuntu – How to extend display with two monitors

Spent a lot of time researching how to do extend my desktop onto a second monitor in Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity. Extending the display and desktop is a simple task on Windows but under Ubuntu it was very difficult until

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Android – Displaying Kernel Version information in an Application

A friend, Numus, suggested I display kernel version information in my application, FlashImageGUI, a while back. Today, I had time to research and implement this feature. Turns out, AOSP includes a great method for doing this! In most android devices,

Android – Making an application start at boot

How to make an Android application load at start up. Did a bit of research but never ended up having the need to implement. List of my research links below and their code examples:

FreeBSD and Eggdrop – tclhash.c – SEGMENT VIOLATION – CRASHING

Ran into this issue, where the eggdrop binary would generally seg fault on a system where it had previously worked. The FreeBSD box had loaded a newer version of TCL, 8.6. Simple way to check with version of TCL is

Android – Working in a Shell through an Application

Original goal: Find the Google Android Java standard for accessing a shell through an application. Result: Google’s version of Java for Android doesn’t have a standard official supported method for accessing the shell from the application. Here are a few

Technology Project: Cleanly format and restore Compaq Presario C500 laptop

Took a bit of researching through Google to find the best method to simply erase all the adware, malware, and other random junk accumulated on a laptop over 5 years of usage and restore it back to the stock factory

Android – Pull Build, Version, Model, etc…

There are quite a few different functions which will return data from an Android phone. The generic list of function calls are located here: I wanted to know what all of these different calls would return on my HTC

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Hard Reset Sprint HTC Touch Pro

Searching online using Google for directions to preform a hard reset on a Sprint HTC Touch Pro will result in many different versions. Below are the directions I’ve found which worked on my Sprint HTC Touch Pro. Directions for a

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Future Policies and Ideas to Research

A Brief list of future topics to research and cover.  Going forward this list will be updated. War – Iraq War – Afghanistan Foreign Policy – Iran Foreign Policy – General Guidelines Health Care – Costs Corporatism – General Concept